Design menu for P.S. Cocktails
The design of the neck hanger for Jägermeister
Design of a combined bar counter Jose Cuervo and Bushmills for BAROMETER SHOW
Design package for Jose Cuervo
Artwork for Jägermeister
Poster Design for METAXA
Lightbox menu for P.S. Cocktails
Table tent design for Bushmills
Snapback design for Jägermeister
Landing Page
Design of the brochure
Design of an advertising poster
Designer Lifegraphic design, digital photography, computer graphic, advertising. The opportunity to look at the implementation of creative ideas. Examples of design of advertising Polygraphy, logo creation, outdoor advertising, billboards, posters, POS materials. Professional photography and post-processing for magazines, catalogues. Art photo retouch.
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