About the founder of a site Designer Life

Hi! Nazar Stodolya – my pseudonym on the Internet. It is my site, about what I like. As you already guessed it – design, the photo and all that is connected with graphics.

I very much like to create design. No matter design of what. Design first of all — a practicality, a harmony. It shouldn’t disturb people around. It so suitable to an environment that don’t notice it.

Than I can be useful?
– If the site is necessary to you, you begin business or the personal blog. I will develop suitable design. I will help with CMS choice.
– The logo, is the main attribute for the interesting project, business, the personal blog.
– And how corporate style? – And for it the solution will be found.
– You have a trademark or it is the whole brand. Then image which will please target audience. To refresh packing. To issue outlets in new style.
– It is a site, and for it the new design is necessary.
– Advertizing campaign. For this purpose the flyer, or POS materials, a print on a t-shirt, outdoor advertizing will approach: billboards, City Light, banner.
– Advertizing on the Internet, a flash banner.

More than three years I draw designs of backpacks, I develop POS materials, packing for license goods, I provide advertizing support of large brands and trademarks. I develop images, advertizing blocks, leaflets, a web of a banner and many other things. I photograph positions of goods about a post processing for representation in the advertizing purposes and catalogs.

On a site you will be able to see my works.